Are Agencies the Best Way to Find a Partner?

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Finding a partner can be tough. If you choose to do this without help you may end up spending countless hours online scrolling through profiles and sending messages just to end up in the same place you started from. Dating agencies are more expensive, but may get you better results. Here’s how.

How the Agencies Work

With a dating agency you meet with a professional matchmaker. The matchmaker gathers basic information about you, and then asks you numerous questions. The questions are designed to gauge the best match and what you are looking for. If your expectations are unrealistic they will let you know. For instance, if a man is looking for a youthful woman who is both beautiful and smart, they may tell you that with youth and beauty intelligence may not automatically follow. You may have to push your age range up a tad to meet a woman who is college educated. After the interview many agencies will record an interview of you for other matches to view. After this is done, they work to find suitable matches in their own databases and will set you up on dates. If a date doesn’t go as planned, you meet up with the matchmaker again to discuss what happened. From here they will revise their plan for you and try again.


Dating agencies aren’t cheap. While you can get a full membership to a dating site online, a dating agency can cost several times that, depending on the type of agency and what level of service. The higher end agencies are very selective with the people they choose, and charge quite a lot because the services are more intense. Still it takes the legwork out of it for you and enables you to find a partner that could be a life long mate instead of just finding a string of meaningless dates on your own.


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